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Berthoud Town of Trustees Meeting - 04/25/23

IV. Citizen Participation

  • Kelly McCaughly (sp?) 227 N. 2nd St (trailer park)
    • Wants to speed up the 2nd St. resurfacing because there are a “ridiculous” number of potholes. Asks that planning for low income housing be included  a future agenda because there is little low income housing in Berthoud. 

V. Scheduled Items

1. Consent agenda: Unanimously passed items a-e.

  • a4/25/23 Meeting Agenda
  • b4/11/23 meeting minutes (need doc link)
  • c3/23 Board Report (need doc link)
  • d2023 Chip and Slurry Project Bid Award (need doc link)
  • e2023 Road Improvements Bid Award (need doc link)

2. Acceptance of first st corridor overlay plan

  • (resolution 23-09) Unanimously accepted.
  • Power point Presentation of plan by planners


  • Chris Kirk, Karl Ayers, Butler, Murphy, Hardy, Sarecelli, Karspeck
    • Unnaonmous support of bill.

3. Ludlow Neighborhood Master Plan and Rezoning-Public Hearing

  • Ann Johnson did an overview of the process.
  • Issue is to change the PUD adopted in 2010 to comply with the Master plan adopted in 2023.
  • Will Charles, Baseline Engineering, 112 N. Ruby Drive, Golden CO. presented highlights of the changes. (need linkd to his slides)
  • Kevin Mulshine, 5139 Old Ranch Drive, Longmont, CO, gave 137 year history of Ludlow farm and desire to contribute to the town heritage.
  • Don Henson 700 Pratt Blvd, Longmont, describes how new plan conforms with comp plan.
  • Kristen Turner, TV GRoup, 444 Mountain Ave , Berthoud 80513
    • Plan may take 10 years to complete.
  • Don Henson, “large projects can fund large infrastructure projects.”

Q and A from Board and Admin.

Public Comments: 13 people, all in favor but 2.

  • Greg Ludlow 1909 Sundance Dr. Longmont, 229 Berthoud PKwy
  • John Keller, 311 Cheyene Drive
  • Garry Maggie 417 Chisholm Way
  • Dave Coons 1643 Mountmaker Ave, Gateway Park
  • Steve Anderson 5054 Halston Place
  • Tom Patterson, 935 10th st
  • Dave Melonson, 1312 Gateway Park Drive 
  • Scott Bandsoff 1206 4th st, 525 3rd st
  • Kelly Mc Cauley 227 n 2nd st trailer 4
  • David Greg 340 Mountain ave
  • John Terrel 1621 Mountain Ave, 102 E Colorado Ave
  • Jim Marquis 97 Souix Drive
  • Joe Nescer 1539 Booker Ct
  • Don Henson addressed public comments.


  • Move approve ordinance 1318 Ludlow zoning changes with no conditions
  • All trustees voted yes. Mayor voted no.
  • Move to approve resolution 23-08 Masterplan for ludlow development conditional on CDOT wants a light at an intersection developer must build it. And if FEMA allows for trail and/or crossing at Dry Creek developer must build it.
  • Trustees all voted yes. Mayor voted NO.

At this point the Trustees thanked people and most people left.

Board proceeded to reports


Notes: A proposal for a metro district. Ludlow farm was annexed with a plan for zoning about 20 years ago. Now the town has a master plan that Ludlow has to comply with. Rezone Ludlow Farm to bring it into compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. 

Developer seeking app


  • Small town trying to keep small town feel and also plan and direct growth

  • ...Citizens very engaged in decisions and trustees are listening during long process.

  • ...cooperative tight knit community